Professional fitness muscle membrane grab mini electric massage gun

where is the pain Soothes body soreness Shoulder, neck and back pain massage Relieve exercise soreness tired leg pain Back pain in the elderly

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High-speed, silent motor Strong power/even frequency vibration The fascia gun uses a powerful motor to bring surging power 9800 rpm high-speed impact, instantly relieve muscle soreness Give the muscles a comfortable experience of hitting the depthsStrong sensing power Deeply smashes fatty acids and maintains high-intensity hitting frequency Let the body quietly enjoy the relaxation of the muscles 34(2)Impact softness The fascia gun has a powerful torque motor, and the fuselage is balanced and the impact is soft Maintain stable power outputrelieve muscle soreness Improve post-exercise stiffness Deep and precise relaxation fascia gun Relieve muscle soreness and stiffness Warm up before exercise stimulate muscle potential Soothing during exercise stay in top shape recovery after exercise get rid of tiredness HD LCD display 99 gear shifts at your fingertips Vibration intensity adjustment of up to 99 gears can easily and accurately respond to needs It can meet almost everyone's needs and bring you an extraordinary experience Professional massage, deep breakdown Give the body more intimate care In order to precisely care for your every muscle group Provide a more comfortable massage experienceLarge capacity and long battery life Continuous massage to relax to the end High-efficiency lithium battery pack with built-in pressure-sensitive feedback system Guarantee intelligent and lasting power output 40dB silent operation Quiet and comfortable without disturbing Recharge your body while your family and roommates are sleeping8 professional-grade massage heads Precise care of every muscle group Strictly follow the theory of muscle group and bone pressure and force Match the corresponding massage head, carefully care for each muscle group All-round precise relief Beat muscle soreness High frequency deep massage can relieve muscle fatigue

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