mini pocket fascia gun professional fitness massager

Mini Fascia Gun Compact and powerful design Small and lightweight body, comparable to the size of a mobile phone

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One-click control Six-speed speed regulation Strictly follow the theory of body muscle and bone force, Design scientific 4 gears to meet various needs. Recommended users sedentary office Relieve lumbar and cervical pain caused by prolonged sitting Put more energy into work 33Fitness Warm up before exercise to prevent sprains Relax muscles after exercise to relieve sorenessShoulder muscles 15s~20s*3 times Chest muscles 30s Back muscles 30s~ 1min*3 times Glute muscles 30s~1min* 4 times Leg muscles 20s~30s *3 times Note: Do not use overtime, stop in time if you feel uncomfortable, please read the instruction manual for more usage methods High frequency surging power transmission It can be deeply shocking, but also considerate Prioritize, be comfortable with your body, and appreciate the master's massage skills while combining rigidity and softness. Not just a simple muscle relaxation, but also intimate pleasure. Advanced design Unleash your exclusive fashion. Breaking the traditional fascia gun massage method, new appearance design Easier to use. Small and powerful Light and stable Small and lightweight body, comparable to the size of a mobile phone ≈0.5kg Compared to lPhone 11 Four massage heads are carefully configured Take care of every corner of your body Leg muscles, arm muscles, back muscles, spine joints Every part of the body, we have different massage heads Professional massage specification use Give the body intimate care Reminder: When using the fascia gun for the first time, you should start from a low gear, and gradually increase the gear according to your physical ability; non-professional athletes or fitness enthusiasts should not use a high gear.Parents and elders Unblock the meridians, beat the back and press the waist Relieve stiff bodyDriver holding one position for a long time, resulting in Poor blood flow and tight muscles

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