Mini easy to carry deep muscle Massager silent

Black technology technology Gravity sensor Real-time sensing of the applied pressure, rapid response, so that each press is just right, more accurate massage the body.

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Relieve muscle tension by releasing lactic acid at a high frequency Post exercise muscles (Lactic acid accumulation) After using the fascia gun (Lactic acid release) Deep release of fascia The power goes straight to the muscle groups The muscle massager can act on the deep muscle and soft tissue of the human body and comb the myofascial membrane through rapid and continuous mechanical vertical rhythm. Post exercise massage Return to good form The whole body smooth piano paint shell with retro elements, style texture sedentary office can also relieve the whole body. Small and portable Hold with ease in one hand It is 450g and can be held by girls in one hand without pressure. It is palm-sized and convenient for daily use at home and on business tripsIntelligent control chip Quick response The original imported bass chip, high performance matching, can quickly respond and process, enjoy a quiet experience. 6 speed scientific transmission Meet multiple needs 6 gear vibration frequency adjustment, provide 1 800-3200 RPM vibration frequency, more accurate, more professional, effectively adapt to a variety of needs, easy to find their own frequency. High speed custom motor Powerful power hits the deep Fast decompress and relax muscles running for 10 minutes automatically shut down to prevent excessive massage. 45dB whisper Don't quarrel, don't make quiet and relax Using high-end customized motor, the noise during operation is about the volume of normal conversation, which can be basically ignored. Lasts for 1.2 hours Built-in Type-C charging port 1 800mAh lithium battery can not only provide more powerful energy guarantee, but also provide abundant and durable endurance. Massage for 10min every day, one gear mode can be used for 60 days. The 1st gear muscle arousal 1800r/min Fascia relaxation in 2 gears 2100r/min 3 speed release lactic acid 2400r/min The 4th gear relieves the body 2600r/min Level 5 deep massage 2800r/min 6 speed professional mode 3100R /min

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