Aromatherapy machine home Nordic flame table humidifier

Flame aromatherapy machine Warm accompany. Endless life Collection of light and shadow + fog, create realistic flame effect Ultrasonic atomized fragrance Humidifying aromatherapy machine

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Simulation of flame lighting effect 2.4mhz ultrasonic frequency No water power protection Electroplating key _ process Brightness level 3 adjustment Can add aromatherapy essential oil Persistent humidification does not require frequent water addition While taking into account the use time and lightness, the gold capacity is reduced Old water retention, ensure the humidification effect fresh and moist Daytime office humidification or sleep at night, moisture without frequent water. When the time is reached, it will automatically turn off 1h, 3h, 6h three-gear timing Safe to touch, soft water mist Remove dry discomfortAromatherapy machine home Nordic flame table humidifierInnovative cold flame An Liangsheng inspiration Three time Meet a variety of choices Sleep with the breath of fire, Product information
Product name  Flame aromatherapy machine
Atomization  15-25 ml/hr
Water tank capacity 200mL
Color  White
Rated voltage DC5V
Rated power ≤6.5W
Timing setting 60 minutes /180 minutes /360 minutes
Matters needing attention 1. Non-technical personnel shall not modify, disassemble or repair the product without permission. If repairs are required, please contact our sales office. 2. This product is not a medical product and cannot be used as a medical instrument. 3. Do not use the product in unstable places such as high altitude, inclined plane and inside the car.Design principle Just to design a classic aromatherapy machine The combination of light and shadow, high frequency ultrasonic atomization high speed vibration With LED lights to simulate the natural flame effect Floating light between the bamboo shadow all show elegance and luxury The fire was hot and bright Accompany the mind to run further away Relieve the body and mind say goodbye to insomnia Create a refreshing sense of ritual Put two or three drops of essential oil in it to relax your body Intimate design intelligent power off Anti-dry burn sensor Built-in intelligent chip, automatic power off without water

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