The flame humidifier desktop is silent

The fire and the water Soft spray drying It is a gentle breeze and a gentle rain. It is also a song of fireworks "Fire" and water ~ burst out the sense of ritual life Send out fine water mist. Wet just right

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[Essential oil aromatherapy] Create a refreshing sense of ritual Forget about stress Drizzle in aromatherapy ~ Wander with the aroma Remote operation of water drop Lie back and enjoy the atmosphere Instead of getting up and moving and lying on the couch, Easy to switch, easy to use Collection of light and shadow + fog, create realistic flame effect Flame aromatherapy machine Two-color simulation flame effect/aerosol aromatherapy/silent operation It's not just a humidifier, it's a work of art! The flame humidifier desktop is silentThree time Meet a variety of choices Breathing with the flame sleep, reach the time automatically extinguished Matters needing attention 1. Non-technical personnel shall not modify, disassemble or repair the product without permission. If repairs are required, Please contact our sales office. 2. This product is not a medical product and cannot be used as a medical instrument. 3. Do not use the product in unstable places such as high altitude, inclined plane and inside the car.Design principle Just to design a classic aromatherapy machine The combination of light and shadow, high frequency ultrasonic atomization high speed vibration With LED lights to simulate the natural flame effect Floating light between the bamboo shadow all show elegance and luxury Ultrasonic atomization Tender and delicate care Nano water molecules, allowing them to diffuse in the air Do not produce water beads, do not wet desktop, easy to absorbThe 200ml water tank is continuously humidified Once filled with water, long humidification No need to add water frequently USB Interface plug Multiple plug - in modes provide flexible application scenarios

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